Puppet is a Human too 2018

13th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults

7th - 14th October 2018


Joanna Braun

Joanna Braun President of the Jury

Stage designer, artist, theatre expert, lecturer at AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków.

Tipa Violeta

Tipa Violeta

PhD. Violeta Tipa is a coordinator researcher, head of Arts audiovisuals section of the Institute of Cultural Heritage, Chisinev. Her research interests include a broad spectrum of issues related to the history and theory of visual arts such as TV phenomenon, the history and aesthetics of animation film. Particularly, she is interested in Puppet Theater and the relationship of mutual influence of the two visual arts: theater and film.

The research results were exposed in papers presented at over 40 national and international scientific events. She is the author of monographs: “Child and TV art” (2004), “Modern screen: challenges and attitudes” (2011), “Exploits of Guguta in cinematographic dimension” (2014) and co-author of the collective history “Art cinema in Republic of Moldova” (2014). She also signed more than 100 studies and articles published in scientific journals, collections of articles, encyclopedias and catalogs from Moldova, Romania, Russia and Italy.

She is an associate Professor at the Academy of Music Theatre and Fine Arts. In 2015 she won Thesaurus Poloniae research scholarship offered by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, Poland. She is a member of the Filmmakers Union of Moldova and the International Association of Theatre Critics.

Eva Kyosovska

Eva Kyosovska

Worked in State Puppet Theatre in Plovdiv as an actress until 2007. Between 2008 and 2016 she was an assistant of Professor Dora Ruskova in NATFA Theatre Department. She became a specialist in improvised puppet performances.

She led an experimental two years class called “Speech technique in Puppet Theater”. In present days she works as a Main Director in The State Puppet Theatre in Plovdiv. She is an Art director of NGO „dARTelions“ („GluhARTcheta“) – independent theatre company for experimental puppet theatre for children and adults. As Puppet Theatre Director she has experience with more than 30 performances on the stages of State Puppet Theater – Plovdiv, State Puppet Theatre in Stara Zagora, The Drama Theatre in Haskovo, The Puppet Theatre in Rousse, Targovishte, Pazardzik etc. She wrote two plays for children. Since 2011 Eva worked as a screenwriter in different TV shows in The National Television and Nova TV. She has numerous awards in national and international festivals.

About the Festival

Where did the idea originate from?

Diversity is a major characteristic of the art of animation, both in animated film and puppet theatre. For ten years we have been presenting diverse statements by artists who communicate by means of these two languages of art.

Some people say that not only could the mankind survive, but also develop and grow thanks to our ability to communicate/exchange information. One could hazard a guess that this development has been possible due to our acceptance of diversities.

Diversities in relation to both, form and content. Does communication happen when the same* / alike* messages come together?

Let's accept each other** while maintaining differences**,

* delete when inapplicable
** do not delete

Marek b. Chodaczyński
General Director of "Puppet is a Human too" Festival
President of Impossible Theatre Union

October 2015