Puppet is a Human too 2018

13th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults

7th - 14th October 2018

Programme of the theatrical section of the Festival

7th October, Sunday

Theatre Institute
Jazdów 1 Street,
00-467 Warsaw

"Victoria 2.0" - Moment Maribor

Victoria 2.0 - Moment Maribor

country: Slovenia

The original project of drama theatre, puppets, objects and video technology, in the boundaries of drama and performance, puppets and theatre of objects, reality and illusion, for youth and adults.

Winners are confident. Winners are passionate. Winners appreciate themselves. Winners know what they want and how to achieve it. Winners never quit. Winners are disciplined. Winners don’t wait for perfect conditions.

Winners know that the biggest risk is to not take a risk. Winners compare themselves only to themselves.

Winners don’t need no one’s confirmation. Winners are healthy and they eat healthy. Winners are nicely built and have beautiful, solid, compact butts. Winners have partners. With a beautiful, solid, compact butts. Winners have sex. Passionate sex. Many of them. Friends also. Winners are loved. Winners love life. And life loves them. Winners are not many. Winners are very few. Winners win.

Actress: Ana Zala Štiglic
Director: Zoran Petrovic
Dramaturge: Marek Turošík
Scenographers and co-authors of visual design: Monika Pocrnjić and Toni Soprano
Photographer: Toni Soprano
Set producers: Mojmir Ferenc, Matjaž Capi Capuder, Drago Pšunder

Web: www.moment.si

08th October, Monday

Teatr Druga Strefa
Magazynowa 14a Street

"Preludes, duck death tulip" - La Capra Ballerina

Preludes, duck death tulip - La Capra Ballerina

country: Italy

We can give an object life by making our thoughts its own.

When life leaves someone, we can render them eternal by making their thoughts our own.

… Death is dead.

The supernatural in puppetry's multiverse.

A wall-less room and a naked bed is the surreal space to tell a story written for children’s eyes, that gives voice to the feelings of innocence and fear of life’s ending. A scene that, sooner or later, all of us will walk on as protagonist.

Puppet, costumes, scenography: Laura Bartolomei and James Davies
Music: Slawek Kwi & Slobhan Mcdonald, Shostakovich, Stefano Trevisi, Saule, Gavin Boyars, Kronos Quartet, Twine Recorder
Direction, video and music choice: Damiano Privitera with Laura Bartolomei

Web: http://www.laterragalleggiante.it/, https://www.facebook.com/LaCapraBallerina/, https://laurabartolomei.wordpress.com/

09th October, Tuesday

Theatre Institute
Jazdów 1 Street,
00-467 Warsaw

"The Last Rat of Theresienstadt" - Hilary Chaplain

The Last Rat of Theresienstadt - Hilary Chaplain

country: USA

In Czechoslovakia during WWII, there were many prominent artists imprisoned in the concentration camp or "Ghetto Town" of Theresienstadt who secretly created cabarets, operas, paintings and poetry. Pavel, the rat, falls in love with the variety show and when all the other rats leave in search of food, he stays on, spellbound by the performances. He scrounges for food in the kitchen where he encounters the cook Sofia, a former Berlin cabaret artist. They teach each other how to survive through art and humor.

This show will incorporate puppetry and projections inspired by the cabaret, art and poetry created in the camps.

Pavel, the rat, is a bunraku style puppet minipulated by two puppeteers.

10th October, Wednesday

Theatre Institute
Jazdów 1 Street,
00-467 Warsaw

"Biography" - Theatre Karlsson Haus

Biography - Theatre Karlsson Haus

country: Russia

One life's story, which was written by sir Hans Christian Andersen in 1842 and was called by him "Ugly Duckling".

Who are we? Swans? Or ugly ducklings? We can see a Swan while watching in a reflection on the water, this is how it happened in a story which was written by Andersen - a perfect image and a similarity of God. Still on Earth an ugly duckling will always be an ugly duckling.

Can it turn into a swan?

Maybe this can happen only in Heaven.

Director: Alexey Lelyavski
Stage design: Emil Kapelush
Puppets design: Juriy Suchkov
Music: Leonid Pavlenok
Actors: Mikhail Shelomentsev, Anatoliy Guschin, Natalia Slascheva

Web: www.karlssonhaus.ru

11th October, Thursday

Teatr SOHO
Mińska 25 Street

"V" - Monika Wachowicz

V - Monika Wachowicz

country: Poland

„V” is a solo stage project created by Monika Wachowicz (an actress and a dancer in Teatr A Part) in which the actions are stimulated between theatrical emotions, body and dance. „V” in the heroine’s world becomes a retour to the past, necessity of facing life and vital energy. This is also a leisurely journey, dealing with loneliness, loss and slow getting used to it.

Directing, script, choreography, set desing costume and acting: Monika Wachowicz
Music: Murcof, and the song „Casta Diva” Maria Callas
Musical arrangement: Mirosław Matyasik
Duration: 45 min.

Web: http://www.studiowachowicz.pl/

12th October, Friday

Teatr SOHO
ul. Mińska 25

"Wake up" - Natalia Sakowicz

Wake up - Natalia Sakowicz

original title: Pobudka
country: Poland

Idea and starring: Natalia Sakowicz
Artistic care: Marcin Bartnikowski
Dramaturgy: Zuzanna Bojda
Scenography: Maria Żynel
Music: Anna Stela
Choreographic consultations: Marta Bury
Lights: Maciej Iwańczyk
Premiere: December 30th, 2017

Long, long time ago, or perhaps not so long ago, or perhaps at the time being, there lives a girl. She is not especially pretty, or kind-hearted, also not so religious, and she is surely not one of the princesses, similar to the ones she remembers from her childhood books. She is just an ordinary girl, just as other girls from her land. She should grow up and become a woman. She should do many things, and she should not do even more. But instead, she is lost in the forest. A clumsy one. And in that forest, she should be aware of many dangers. It would be good to find a way out, but which way is it?

“Wake up” is a solo puppet performance inspired by most popular Grimm Brothers tales. Its main topic revolves around the theme of contemporary womanhood. Is there a link between a modern girl and a Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood? Do they have anything in common, or perhaps not?

Natalia Sakowicz – an actress, dancer, assistant at the Puppet Theatre Art Department of Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Previously worked in Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theatre in Bialystok (“Momo” dir. Agnieszka Korytkowska-Mazur, “The Government Inspector” dir. Jacek Jabrzyk, “Forefathers’ Eve III” dir. Natalia Korczakowska). Co-works with Dramatic Theatre of the Capital City of Warsaw (“Cabaret” dir. Ewelina Piotrowska), Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Cracow (“Tales from 1001st block” dir. Magdalena Miklasz), The Warsaw Chamber Opera (Marionette scene: “La serva padrona”, “The Abduction from the Seraglio” dir. Lesław Piecka) and independent theatre groups: Malabar Hotel Theatre (“Danton” dir. Magdalena Miklasz, “The Wedding” dir. Marcin Bartnikowski and Magdalena Czajkowska, “Don Juan” dir. Ewa Piotrowska) and Latarnia Theatre (“Maidan’s logs. East!”, “Lords” dir. Mateusz Tymura). In 2017, she created a performance “Wake up”, realized as an artistic scholarship of the President of the City of Bialystok.

13th October, Saturday

Centrum Promocji Kultury Warsaw Praga-Południe
Podskarbińska 2 Street

Włodzimierz Pawłow's "Lalki (Puppets)" photography exhibition

Włodzimierz Pawłow's Lalki (Puppets) photography exhibition

Opening of Włodzimierz Pawłow's "Lalki (Puppets)" photography exhibition.

Teatr SOHO
Mińska 25 Street

"Morgan and Freeman" - Ferenc Fehér

Morgan and Freeman - Ferenc Fehér

country: Hungary

A smart and mad dance piece with someone who is a puppet himself: a little vivified man.

Name: Freeman
Height: 35 cm or smaller
Shoe size: 5 cm
Viciousness: Enormous
Is he friendly? Not really…

- Morgan, how would you describe this little man?
- When I first met him he seemed to be a nice little bloke, but then… He is very lively, what’s more somewhat vicious. He is very eager to look for reasons to nag me and he really enjoys it. Surely, I’ll not take this for long, I might need to kill him out. I’ll have no choice unless he changes. He? Changes? Never. He is up to something. I know. And I have not talked about his friend, the rabbit yet.

Performer: Ferenc Fehér
Music: Ferenc Fehér (inspired by René Aubry)
Lighting designer: Dávid Kovácsovics
Costumes: Judit Simon
Professional consultant: Judit Simon
Choreography: Ferenc Fehér

Web: www.ferencfeher.hu

14th October, Sunday

Teatr SOHO
Mińska 25 Street

"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" - AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. Branch in Wroclaw

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. Branch in Wroclaw

original title: "Dziwny przypadek psa nocną porą"
country: Poland

Simon Stephens (based on Mark Haddon's novel)

Direction: Karolina Przystupa Starring: Dominika Hudziec, Milena Jóźwiak, Maciej Łabaz, Paweł Pacyna, Bartosz Surówka Music: Daria Kuziak Puppet: Dominika Chochołowska-Bocian Pedagogical care: Gabriel Gietzky / Tomasz Man

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a crime story. It takes place in the English city, Swindon. A fifteen years old Christopher finds the killed dog Wellington in the garden of his neighbor. He become the self-styled detective and he is the extraordinary boy with an autism syndrome.

It is also the story about family, about lying and telling the truth.

We invite an audience to the Christopher’s world and to a criminal investigation circle, so they are sitting next to the actors and watch what happens really close.

Who is quilty? Who is a victim? And maybe it is the same person?

Teatr SOHO
Mińska 25 Street

"Exuvia" - Magical Theatre & the Amanda Puijk Company

Exuvia - Magical Theatre & the Amanda Puijk Company

country: The Netherlands

Exuvia is a theatrical performance about the search for our inner possibilities and limitations. A beginning of the creation, bodies in space, a never ending space in which we are not the end of evolution. A search in today's society which is becoming increasingly materialistic. A world in which we are barely conscious that we belong to a larger entity.

In her puppet performance without words, Charlotte will take you on a never ending journey in which we become conscious of the relativity of our surroundings. She will sweep the floor from under your feet, but will catch you once again, and just for a moment she will make you part of a bigger universe.

Concept/director: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen
Creation puppets, scenery: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen, Ananda Puijk
Actors: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen, Ananda Puijk, Dönci Banki
Music: Jur de Vries
Singer: Kevin Skelton


Teatr SOHO
Mińska 25 Street
closing ceremony

Closing ceremony of the Festival

Announcement of the international verdicts of the Jury of the XIII International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults "Puppet is a Human too".