Kobieta i Życie


Kobieta i Życie

Studenci Wydziału Lalkarskiego

Country: Poland


Pedagogical care: Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk
Lighting direction: Zofia Pinkiewicz
Music (songs): Grzegorz Mazoń
Cast: Zofia Bąk, Dominika Budzianowska, Katarzyna Fornal, Patrycja Franczak, Bartłomiej Golisz, Arkadiusz Jaskot, Mateusz Nowak, Jan Stasiczak, Magdalena Wawrzyniak

Examination of third-year students of the Puppetry Faculty on the subject "Acting in a puppet setting".

Malina Prześluga's art is inspired by the women's strike that broke out in Poland in response to the tightening of the abortion law.

The show tells the story of a girl - from birth to the moment when she became a mother. Problems with puberty, sexuality, lack of sexual education, repeating patterns. Can fear motivate? Does fear shut you down?

The performance was created as part of the "Acting in Puppet Stage" classes in the third year at the Puppetry Faculty. Using the language of theater of form, the students created a universal story about the fear that has accompanied human since birth.



11th October at 7.00 pm - D.K. Kadr, Rzymowskiego 32