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Country: Poland


Marcin Bartnikowski

Nieosobni - a romantic program in four parts lined with mycology, esotericism and psychotronics

Creative insatiability is generally a necessary and desirable phenomenon. A hungry artist is a prolific artist. However, we are interested in the unsaid consequences of creative insatiability; the shameful and undesirable ones.

Inspired by the exhibition "Białoszewski. nieosobny" - presented last year at the Wola Museum - the performance is a dream fantasy of the 1950s. This is a story about a time when creative hunger existed alongside acute physical hunger. These were the realities of mutilated post-war Warsaw, where the Teatr na Tarczyńskiej and the Teatr Osobny were created. Its creators, practicing art that was ahead of their times, created a unique and colorful artistic commune in which extraordinary theatrical, artistic, literary, philosophical and esoteric ideas were hatched. It is no coincidence that the guests of the separate theater included Allan Ginsberg, Simone de Bouvoir, and Jean Paul Sartre. We want to resurrect theater that, by denying the psychological reproduction of life, became life itself and flowed beyond its framework. We recall art that, created in conditions of material poverty, infected people with hunger for life. The hunger for life has created a strong, creative and ephemeral community.

Direction: Marcin Bartnikowski, Marcin Bikowski
Dramaturgy: Marcin Bartnikowski
Scenography, costumes and puppets: Marcin Bikowski
Music: Anna Stela
Choreography: Marta Bury
Artistic supervision: Katarzyna Szumlas
Cast: Marcin Bartnikowski, Marcin Bikowski



12th October at 7.00 pm - Pałacyk Konopackiego, Strzelecka 11/13
13th October at 7.00 pm - Pałacyk Konopackiego, Strzelecka 11/13