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Małgorzata Sady

Małgorzata Sady

Małgorzata Sady enjoys exploring various creative area. Works with text, sound and images. Curator and participant of exhibition and art events worldwide. Has collaborated with K. Kamoji. Quay Brothers, D. Thomas, Serafinski Studio, Kronika Studio, In Situ Foundation. Translator of literature (prose and poetry - S. Themerson, J. Czechowicz), philosophy (Wittgenstein, B. Russell), numerous texts on art. Author of essays on art and film. From the late 70. has collaborated with art centres at home and abroad. Member of Polish Filmmakers Association.

Animated film screenings

On October 22 (Sunday) at the KADR Cultural Center there will be two screenings of animated films:

  • 16:00 - short animations
    • Ballade Maul Affe - Christoph Bochdansky (5:28)
    • Krab - Piotr Chmielewski (8:42)
    • The Haunted Swordsman - Kevin McTurk (16:31)
    • Calder's End - Kevin McTurk (13:45)
  • 16:40 - feature film
    • Rocks in my Pocket - Signe Baumane (90min)